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Antalya Manavgat

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It is located in the west of the Mediterranean region and is located between the Gulf of Antalya and the Western Taurus. The city, considered the “capital of tourism” in Turkey, is not only domestic, but also foreign tourists. Especially in the summer season, the population of the city increases 5 times. Antalya is a city where the sea, sun, history and nature are in harmony with each other. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk called Antalya “Without a doubt, Antalya is the most beautiful place in the world. “depictions with the phrase”. You must see Antalya Manavgat and its surroundings and make a comfortable journey with the car you will rent from RentiCar.

Information about Antalya Manavgat

Manavgat is the 2nd largest district of Antalya province. The city has a very rich structure in terms of attractions. Manavgat district is among the prominent district of the city with its natural beauties and historical structures worth visiting. The coastline is covered with beaches and unique beaches, the district is famous in the world as well as in Turkey for its Manavgat River and Manavgat Falls on it.

Let's touch a little about the places to visit in the city for you:


It is one of the most beloved world-famous resorts of Turkey. In addition to the azure beaches of Antalya, it is also worth visiting with its fascinating ancient cities that have hosted dozens of civilizations.


Kalkan is a small town in the District of Kaş Province, Turkey. Kalkan, which has the best preserved bays in the Mediterranean Sea, offers stunning views in its bays where green and blue meet with hikes and cycling trips.


Located in the most popular tourist destination in Antalya city center, Kaleici is one of the most pleasant places where you will spend the hot summer months. You should definitely see the resort, which houses everything you are looking for.


Olympos annually welcomes thousands of domestic and foreign tourists. This ancient region, surrounded by pine forests, is one of the most visited historical spots in Antalya. In the waist, which the outgoing cannot give up, it does not use artificial lighting, so especially at night the stars look beautiful enough to dazzle your eyes.

Kekova (Sunken City)

Kekova Island is also known as the sunken city and is famous worldwide for its underwater ruins on its coast. One of the most important addresses of Antalya and Kaş boat trips, Kekova Island fascinates both domestic and foreign tourists.

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