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Izmir Balcova

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Balçova is a district of Izmir, Turkey, and the distance of the district to the airport is 18 kilometers. Most of the visitors to Izmir city are making the right and comfortable choice to visit and enjoy the city by taking advantage of Izmir Balçova car rental service. Especially for car rental at the airport, they start their travels by getting quality service from Renticar. Renticar always keeps its customers happy with its affordable prices and installment facilities up to 12 months. You can enjoy your trip by using the online service if you want to hire offices belonging to RentiCar's business partners.

What Places to Visit in Izmir Balçova?

Balçova, one of the popular tourist areas of the city with its location close to the city center of Izmir; its location by the sea, magnificent sea views, lush areas, parks, historical structures, tourist areas, shopping streets, places to visit and other attractions and other attractions is filled with a wide variety of historical and tourist places to explore. Balçova is a cultural and historical excursion route, but also ideal for those who want to take a trip to nature. In this beautiful district of Izmir, which hosts hot springs, there are also magnificent nature areas where you can hike and camping. In Izmir; Konak, Karabağlar, Güzelbahçe districts, Balçova district, which is adjacent to the districts of Balçova, very close to the city center and can be easily accessed via different highways. With Istanbul-Izmir and Aydın-Izmir highways offering an easy transportation option and extending to the coastline, the transportation options to Balçova are quite a lot. RentiCar continues to please its customers with the most popular brand vehicles and the highest quality service here. RentiCar, which does not compromise the quality of service, also offers the convenience of dropping the car you rented in Izmir Balçova to the desired point.

Izmir Balçova Car Rental Options

Izmir province is one of the cities with the largest transport network in Turkey. Visitors who want to go to Balçova must use Adnan Menderes Airport in Gaziemir district. Located about 10-12 km from the city center of Izmir, Balçova district has different transportation options due to its central location. RentIcar is always with its customers when you plan your trip to Balçova. You can pay with the possibility of picking up the car you will rent online through Renticar.com from any point, as well as with the possibility of installments up to 12 months.

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