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Kemalpaşa is located in the east of Izmir. Izmir city centre is 30 km away. On May 16, 1922, the Greek city of 'Nif' was subsequently rescued by Turkish soldiers in a small clash in Savandag District on the morning of September 8, 1922. The district, which was' Nif 'until that day, was changed to' Kemalpaşa 'after Mustafa Kemal Atatürk's declaration of the republic.

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Places to Visit in Izmir Kemalpaşa

Izmir to Kemalpasa is 21 km from Belkave Pass, while Ulucak Mound is 8.1 km away and Nif Castle is 1.3 km away.

Located in the center of Kemalpaşa, Atatürk House, Laskaris Palace, Çinliköy, Ümran Baradan Museum of Fine Arts, Kazakh Valley, Nazarköy Savanda Pond, Karabel Monument and Vishneliköy are frequented by those who come to visit.

Yukarıkızılca, a must-visit place in Kemalpaşa, is an ancient Turkmen settlement. Park Orman is a picnic area with many hotels and restaurants near Kemalpasa. Armutlu Kadıoğlu Bath, Armutlu Kozan Pond is the first place in places to spend a pleasant time.

Yiğitler Village is a relatively small village known for its natural beauty, passing through the stream, and when you go to the source of the stream, it is possible to encounter the natural beauties of the surprise.

Bagyurdu Village is known for cherry cultivation and camel wrestling. You can reach Bayındırthrough the Ovacik Nature Forest via Bagyurdu. One of the must-haves of Kemalpaşa is Cherry Holidays, where you can see a large number of cherry trees.

Izmir Kemalpaşa Car Rental Options

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Izmir Kemalpaşa Car Rental Prices

Prices for car rental in Izmir Kemalpaşa vary depending on the specified date, location and vehicle specifications.

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