Izmir Cesme Rent a Car

One of the first names that come to mind when it comes to holiday in Turkey is İzmir Çeşme. Çeşme hosts more tourists every year in terms of tourism. When this is the case, car rental needs in İzmir Çeşme are increasing in the same direction. RentiCar offers the highest quality car rental services in İzmir Çeşme as well as in all provinces and districts of Turkey.

Where are the places to visit in İzmir Çeşme?

One of the most popular and indispensable places among resorts in Turkey is İzmir Çeşme.

Especially with a changing holiday concept in recent years, Çeşme welcomes numerous tourists, regardless of summer and winter.

Cesme has unique beauty with restaurants, entertainment places, cafes, beaches, sea, views, historical places. The first place to see of them is Cesme Castle. Fountain Castle was built in 1508 by 2nd Bayezid. At the main gate is the statue of Kaptan-i Derya Hasan Pasha. A peculiar property to the castle is the Fountain Museum. Opened for the discovery of weapons brought from Topkapi Palace, the museum exhibits artifacts brought from the Ancient City of Erythrai. Another architecture as important as Cesme Castle is Erythrai Ancient City. Located in the Ildırı Village of Çeşme, this ancient city is 26 km away from Cesme. You can easily visit these places by choosing to rent a car.

When it comes to fountain, the only vibrant nightlife does not come to mind. There are countless places where you will spend a peaceful time in Cesme with its unexplored places and unique sea and sandy beach. You can visit these places with your rental car from Renticar. RentiCar is also with you in Çeşme with its 24/7 car rental service.

It is the beaches of Cesme that fascinate with its image with pearls. The most beautiful and most populous of these beaches is Altincum Beach. Altincum Beach is one of the coldest seas of Cesme. The other must-see beach here is Ilica Beach. According to Altinkum Beach, it is a beach whose sea is quite warm and fascinates with its appearance. Aya Yorgi Bay is also one of the most preferred places with its color and sea in the district center. Gummy Bay, Boyalık Bay, Chios Island, Diamond Beach are also the places to go along with these beautiful landscapes. One of the most important places in Cesme that receives visitors from an architectural point of view is Caravansaray, which was built in 1529 by the Kanuni Sultan Suleyman. Archaeological Museum is also another architectural structure of Çesme visited by tourists.

What Are the Car Rental Options in İzmir Çeşme?

Renting a car with RentiCar is extremely easy from anywhere in Turkey. All you have to do is set the date ranges and rental options. Car rental options at affordable prices and quality for your needs are offered to your service around the clock from all over Turkey with RentiCar.

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