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Foça has recently begun to be as popular as Alacati among the tourist areas of Izmir. The fact that its nature has not yet been spoiled has made it interesting. The venue is set within 70 km from Izmir city center. Car rental in Foca in Izmir will be the most correct choice for touring cute villages and small bays in a popular resort town. Exploring all the historical and attractions of Foca without sacrificing your comfort and saving time is easy with RentiCar. Choose the vehicle you want on any dates and do not postpone your trips.

Places to Visit in İzmir Foça

Foça, a peaceful corner of the Aegean, is famous for its endangered Mediterranean Seals, and the natural beauty you can see and explore in the resort is quite a lot.

Let's take a look at some of them together:

Five Doors Castle

Five Gates Castle is one of the historical buildings of Foça district. In 2013 it was also included in the World Heritage Temporary List by UNESCO. The presence by the sea is another contributor that makes this castle worth a visit.

Devil's Bath

The venue is set within 2 km from the district center. It is not known who and when this structure, which is a family cemetery, was built. Satan Bath is one of the historical and tourist buildings to see.

Foça Karakum Beach

Foça Karakum Beach is one of the blue flag beaches preferred by sea lovers. It is in the foreground among the beaches, which are the most populous in the summer season. There is a municipal cafe on the beach located 2 km from Foca center.

Foça Stone Houses

The stone houses of the Aegean are among the first to come to mind in Foca. These structures, which add pleasure to the pleasure of hiking in the narrow streets of Foca, are among the must-see. In this hiking adventure you started from Reha Mydilli Street, you can come up with a structure that will fascinate you at any time.

Izmir Foça Car Rental Options

It is now easy to take advantage of RentiCar car rental service in İzmir Foça, which has always adopted customer satisfaction as a principle. It's time to explore Foca with the car you rent through RentiCar. Choose RentiCar for a safe journey. Enjoy freedom to the fullest.

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