Izmir Karaburun

Izmir Karaburun Rent a Car

Izmir Karaburun, located about 100 kilometers from the city center, is a prominent tourist area of Turkey. Izmir Karaburun is also a very preferred location in terms of car rental, which is necessarily in the list of places to visit for those who come to Izmir, thanks to the fact that it contains a lot of places to visit and see. RentiCar offers you the most comfortable and high-quality car rental options at this point. With RentiCar, which always cares about customer satisfaction with its affordable prices and installment options up to 12 months, you can rent the car you need in one click and enjoy your trip.

What are the places to visit in İzmir Karaburun?

Izmir Karaburun, which is especially famous for the hidden bays of the Aegean, has an atmosphere that fascinates with its immaculate sea and immaculate air. Those who come to Karaburun usually prefer not only to swim. Karaburun is also a popular spot for diving lovers, as this place is also quite suitable for sea diving.

Mordogan first comes to mind when we ask what are the places to visit in Karaburun. Mordoğan is the most tourist area of Karaburun. Bays, immaculate sea, streets that give peace with calm, historical structures and many other things...

Apart from Mordogan, there are also many other destinations that should be seen in Karaburun. For example: Wish Spring. Dilek Spring is located right in the center of Karaburun and is also known as Narcissoss in Ancient Greece and is a very important point in Greek mythology. All seasons of the year can be visited free of charge. Apart from this, Saip Village is also a frequented point for those who come to Karaburun. Located about 3 km from the district center, Saip Village can be reached in 5-10 minutes by car rented by RentiCar. Saip Village, where stone houses are weighted, is reminiscent of a historical village square.

Izmir Karaburun Car Rental Options

Izmir province is one of the cities with the largest transport network in Turkey. Karaburun district, which is about 100 km away from the city center of Izmir, has different transportation options due to its central location. RentiCar is always with you in your planned trip for Karaburun. In addition to offering the opportunity to pick up the car you make online rental through renticar.com from where you want, it makes its customers laugh with the possibility of installments up to 12 months.

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