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Odemis district of Izmir is one of the most beautiful holiday districts in Izmir. It is known as a peaceful beautiful county with its tranquil life. It is built on a plain covered with mountains on four sides of the Küçük Menderes River, between Bozdağ and Aydin mountains. There are a lot of activities to be done in Odemis. İzmir Ödedır is also among the districts that are in demand for car rental. RentiCar continues to campaign and offer 12 installment opportunities so that you can explore Odemis and surrounding areas with wide vehicle facilities.

Places to Visit in İzmir Odemis

Paid is a calm, natural wonder Aegean town. Located among pine forests, Odemis; villages, local agricultural products, local women's crafts, camel wrestling, Rahvan Horse races, Caramball game, Beautiful Canary Competition, Rooster Dances, etc. The most comfortable way to get paid and explore its surroundings is to travel with your own vehicle. Choose the vehicle you like with RentiCar and enjoy life on the road...

Start Discovery:

Arasta Bazaar: The historical bazaar consists of 116 shops and 3 historical mosques. Be sure to taste local delicacies at Arasta Bazaar.

Hamamköy: On Saturdays, a market is established where the indigenous people can find their own crop of fruits and vegetables, organic milk and dairy products, natural products and Aegean herbs.

Birgi: It can be called the most important area of Odemise district among the places to visit and see. It is 7 km from the Odemi center. It hosts impressive architectural examples of Ottoman and Republican period. Birgi, the center of faith tourism, is almost reminiscent of an open-air museum. It is one of the most beautiful villages in the Aegean with its pristine nature.

When traveling to these lands worth exploring, don't compromise your comfort and stop by renticar.com. Choose your vehicle and get on the road immediately.

Izmir Ödemiş Car Rental Options

It is possible to find a place or a taste where everyone will feel happy in Ödemis, which admires those who go with its history and nature. RentiCar, which cares about hygiene conditions and does not interfere with routine car maintenance, works for the satisfaction of its customers. RentiCar wishes safe journeys.

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