Izmir Menderes Rent a Car

Menderes, formerly known as Cumaovasi, is a district of Izmir, Turkey. Seferihisar is located in the west of the district, Gaziemir and Karabaglar in the north, Torbalı to the east and the Aegean Sea to the south. The name of Cumaovasi Airport was changed to Adnan Menderes Airport and the name of the district was changed to Menderes. The distance to the provincial center of the district, which is located in the south of Izmir, is 20 km and is one of the important historical sites of the region. Menderes county is known as a lovely county, admired with visiting spots. Especially in spring and summer, while the Aegean experiences its finest times, this region is preferable to visit. Thanks to the ease and variety of transportation facilities, you can explore the region by buying a flight ticket to Izmir and renting a car from Renticar.

Places to Visit in İzmir Menderes

There are many eco-tourism itineraries in Izmir that are suitable for eco-tourism that can be explored to date. In this sense, Menderes is one of the rare parts of Turkey where history and maritime tourism are intertwined. The presence of historical landmarks at the junction of woodlands and streaks with the sea makes the district different from other eco-tourism routes. Menderes is one of the favourite districts of recent times with many beautiful coasts and bays, located in the southern region of Izmir, 44 km from the coast. It has gained fame in Izmir for its historical heritage and blue flag beaches. Among its beautiful bays and beaches worth seeing, one of the most beautiful beaches is Ipekcum Beach. For those who want to see all these beauties of Menderes, RentiCar offers great convenience when it comes to finding a rental car. Besides being the most comfortable most reliable method, the most correct way to save time is to rent a car through RentiCar and enjoy your trip.

Menderes Car Rental Alternatives

Menderes district is perhaps the most easily accessible point in Izmir. The airport where you get a flight ticket to Izmir is located in Menderes district. Getting a car rental service in Izmir Menderes is easy with RentiCar. You can rent the car that best suits your needs with RentiCar advantages and continue your trip without intermitting. To see car rental prices, you can select the date range you want to rent a car and review the price lists.

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