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Dikili district of Izmir is located on the coast of the Aegean Sea and opposite Mytilene Island. It is 118 km from Izmir center, 42 km from Ayvalik, 25 to Altinova, 24 to Bergama and 42 km from Kınıkk. Dikili Beach, 20 km long, which has been an epic to languages, is one of the favorite locations of tourists in the summer season. The most convenient method of reaching and exploring Dikili, the frequented point of nature and entertainment, is to rent a car. Izmir Dikili is also the best option for affordable car rental: RentiCar.

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Izmir is a province that receives visitors both from other cities of Turkey and from all over the world. Each district has a distinct beauty and feature. Dikili is one of the most preferred resort areas of Izmir with its immaculate sea and virgin nature, opposite Mytilene Island. Dikili, where many different civilizations have lived, has an important tourism potential with its natural beauty. There is a crater lake in the village of Merdivenli, and in the villages of Demirtaş and Deliktaş there are also camlik and historical caves. The forests based on Çandarli Madra tea in the district are among the natural riches worth visiting. Although it is difficult to find a rental car in Dikilii, which reaches its most populous days, especially in summer, RentiCar offers solutions thanks to dozens of options it offers.

Atatürk Botanical Garden, Pitane Ancient City, Atarineus Ancient City, Nebiler Village and blue flag beaches stand out among the places that can be listed when it comes to sightseeing places. Hayitlı, Almond and Small Dundancık bays welcome thousands of visitors in this excellent district where the sea, sun and sand can be enjoyed to the fullest extent.

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With 3-4 days of planning to explore Dikili, it is possible to have a pleasant and full holiday experience. RentiCar is your biggest supporter in your choice of the right vehicle to enjoy your journey. Izmir Dikili RentiCar car rental service beneficiaries also discover a wide variety of geographical elements in Dikili, from ancient cities to historical buildings, from geothermal sources to volcanic areas. Thanks to RentiCar, you can reach the natural riches you dream of seeing comfortably, safely, suitable for your budget and using your time in the best way.

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