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Izmir Buca is a historical settlement next to the city center; in a historical atmosphere with centuries-old syringes, immaculate, abundant oxygenated atmosphere, historical mansions bearing traces from different cultures, villages, peasants, natural water resources, lush areas, parks, walking paths, bicycle trails and much more, is a place where you can be alone with nature. Sources Village, which is among the natural beauties of Buca, are also worth seeing natural areas that you can choose for hiking, climbing and camping. The most comfortable way to reach Buca, the place of nature lovers and tranquility seekers is to plan your trip by taking advantage of RentiCar Izmir Buca car rental service.

Places to Visit in Izmir Buca

With its location 20 km away from Izmir city center and close to the tourist attractions of the city, Buca district of Izmir is among the first places to visit in Izmir. It is possible to find a wide variety of places to visit in Buca with its historical homes, cultural values, natural beauty, shopping and entertainment points. Buca Hasan Aga Park, Protestant Baptist Church, Resources Village ü and Forbes Pavilion is located. When you come to Buca for holidays, Kordon, which is located in Konak district and is one of the icons of the city, Sıçacık Village connected to Seferihisar, Kemeralti Bazaar and Çiçliköy famous for its natural beauty can be preferred for a day trip. For the comfort of your trip, RentiCar offers you the vehicle you want in the desired date range. Whether it's a daily car rental or a monthly car rental, RentiCar brings the best car rental prices to your screen. Thanks to RentiCar, which provides you with reliable, comfortable and hygienic car rental opportunities, you can enjoy the most convenient rental car benefits. For information about car rental prices, you can call Renticar's Contact Center 0850 308 0 308, which provides 24/7 support.

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A historical image from the past to the present is exhibited in Buca. Life in Buca is characterized, first of all, as a life intertwined with a rich history, culture and natural heritage. Buca is a shelter of works that are very important and living today with its historical history. To see these values, you can take advantage of RentiCar car rental service that does not compromise on the principle of quality service and start your journey with the car you want. Start exploring Izmir Buca car rental services with the difference in RentiCar.

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