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Izmir is one of the most important cities not only in Turkey but also in the world in terms of history, architecture, geographical location, natural resources, culture and lifestyle. Izmir, which is the third largest city in Turkey, has important and well-known counties. These counties welcome many visitors at any time of the year. One of these districts is Izmir Konaky. Those who visit Izmir Konak often prefer the best quality and reliable Izmir Konak car rental options to visit here and visit different areas of Izmir.

Places to Attractions in İzmir Konak

Konak, located in the north of the Gulf of Izmir, Bornova in the east and Balçova in the west, is one of the most must-visit places in Izmir. The famous Clock Tower is located in Konak Square. Located on Atatürk Street, this tower has four fountains and four hours. Alsancak Terminal, which affects its history as Clock Tower in this region, is also one of the places to be seen. The most visited place of Kordon trip is Kordon Boyu, which has a view of Izmir Gulf. From Konak Pier to Alsancak Train Station, you can take a pleasant walk and enjoy the spectacular view. Cord Length has a crowded, energizing atmosphere around the clock. Here you can walk as you like. Kordon Boy, which also attracts attention with its cafes and beautiful restaurants, you can eat your food and drink your coffee with sea view. Due to its location very close to the Gulf of Izmir, the other place that is identified with Konak, such as Kordon Boyu, is Cyprus Martyrs Street. This street is one of the most famous streets of Konak, located in Alsancak. The street, which is crowded around the clock, has beautiful cafes from each other. There are several shops selling gifts, clothes, accessories on Cyprus Martyrs Street, which also attracts attention with its bazaar. The other place that is one of the places frequented by people with its crowd and energy is Alsancak Love Road. From the district center, you can reach Sevovy Road in 10 minutes with your rented car. Love Road, a place full of art, history and entertainment, attracts the attention of tourists. One of the places of interest with its nightlife and restaurants is Gazi Women Street. This place is an entertainment center, but also welcomes guests in its restaurants, which have delicious dishes from each other.

One of the most valuable buildings in Konak that draws attention with its history is Kizlaragasi Khani. Kizlaragasi Khan, one of the important commercial centers of the period dating back to the 18th century. It is one of the places frequented by shopping enthusiasts with its small shops, boutiques and restaurants. Kemeralti Bazaar is one of the places of interest of local and foreign tourists in Konak, which attracts interest with its bazaars. This historical bazaar, located on Anafartalar Street, dates from the 17th century to the present day. The bazaar, in which shops selling local clothes, handicrafts, accessories, pottery, souvenirs are located, attracts interest with its crowds and size.

The Historical Elevator, which connects the two paths and carries the breezes from the 20th century, is one of the most important heritage of our history and cultural wealth. Historical Elevator located on Dairo Street, which is one of the must-see places, is within walking distance to Mansion Square. Izmir Külturpark with fairgrounds, walking path, amusement park, outdoor theater, reflecting our culture, is one of the most popular places in Izmir Kordon on Ashraf Boulevard.

Mansion is a town that fascinates with its history and culture. Mansion Square has two important days, which occupy an important place in terms of history. These days are May 15 and September 9. On May 15, 1919, Greek soldiers set foot in Cordon and captured the Government Mansion and the barracks. This occupation came to an end on September 9, 1922, when the Turkish military liberated it from the Greek occupation and became history as the Liberation of Izmir.

İzmir Konak Car Rental Options

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What to Consider When Renting a Car in Izmir Konak?

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Is a One Day Car Rental?

Car rental can be rented at convenient times for your needs. In particular, one day car rental is preferred in situations such as emergency work, those who want to perform daily visits, meetings or educational business visits. You can rent a suitable car by choosing to rent a car 24 hours via the app and you can deliver your car at the end of 24 hours.

One Day Car Rental Prices

One-day car rental prices vary depending on the car rental prices on the dates you want.

İzmir Konak Car Rental Prices

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