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The district of Kagithane, located on the European side of Istanbul, is a very large and sprawling district. Istanbul Kağıthane, which is located in the center of Istanbul and is considered as a metropolitan district, is a mostly preferred region for car rental. Located at this point, Renticar works with the concept of quality service to bring you to the most comfortable and reliable way to visit the city's attractions. By choosing Renticar, you can rent the best car for your budget and travel to any places you want with ease.

What are the Places to Visit in Istanbul Kağıthane?

The district of Kağıthane, which is in the province of Istanbul, is located in the center of the European side. It got its name from paper manufactures that were located before the conquest of Istanbul. There are a lot of historical structures in the district, but there are also a lot of provination areas.

Hasbahçe Promenade Area is also one of the most popular places in Kagithane. In this area where you can enjoy the green area to the fullest, there are many different alternatives where you can spend a pleasant time with your family and friends. The pond, which welcomes you at the entrance, creates a visual feast with its wooding and colorful flowers. You can have a picnic in the gazebos located inside the promenade area, as well as light a grill in electric stoves. While you enjoy a picnic, especially for families with children, there are playgrounds where their children can play safely. Running and hiking trails are a really nice option for those who say I love to take the air of nature. Entrance to the procession area, where you can have fun and relax and spend time with the family at the weekend is free and you can also participate in the events organized on site.

The first point that history lovers want to visit is definitely the Sadabad Mosque. The mosque, also known as Aziziye Mosque, was built in 1722 and was built in III. It was opened for worship by Ahmet. The mosque damaged and destroyed in the Khalil Rebellion of Patrona; III. Selim, II. Mahmut and Sultan Abdul Aziz periods were repaired and opened for worship again. Finally, the architecture and structure of the mosque, which was restored in 1998, are among the places that you must visit when your road falls.

Kağıthane Open Air Museum is one of the must-visit museums of Istanbul. There are 141 pieces of historical works belonging to Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman periods. The museum, which contains many artifacts such as fountain inscriptions, palace columns and building fragments, tombstones and covers of different religions, marble cascades belonging to Sadabad cascades, is open to visit every day.

Istanbul Kagithane Car Rental Options

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