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Istanbul Atasehir

Istanbul Atasehir Rent a Car

Car rental in Istanbul Ataşehir is among the locations where you can get affordable and reliable 'rent a car' service with RentiCar. You can easily pick up your car from the rental offices of our partners and continue your trip without interruption.

Istanbul Ataşehir car hire with RentiCar

With RentiCar's easy car rental steps, you can rent the car you need in minutes. After you select the date range you want to rent your vehicle, you will have vehicles that you can use in that date range. Among these vehicles, you can make filters according to the following criteria and choose the car of your choice.

  • Gear Type (Automatic & Straight Gear)
  • Fuel Type (Diesel & Gasoline)
  • Price Range
  • By Type (Medium Size, Large Vehicles, Minivans, SUV Vehicles)
  • Seats (4 Seats, 5 Seats, 9 Seats)
  • Vehicle Brand

In addition, credit card installment option, disinfected vehicles and free cancellation benefit are among the privileges we offer to all our customers.

History, Importance and Location of Atasehir

Ataşehir is a district located on the Anatolian side of Istanbul. In 2008; Kadıköy, Üsküdar and Ümraniye districts received the status of a district by combining some neighborhoods. Around it is surrounded by Maltepe, Kadikoy, Üsküdar, Ümraniye and Sancaktepe counties and has no seashore.

The first settlement in the region dates back to the 14th century. Although housing projects began to increase in the early 1980s, Ataşehir, which is not in demand due to the problem of transportation to central locations, gained population growth after the connecting roads of the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge passed through this region. Among the safe locations of Istanbul in terms of durability, the demand for the region & ouml; moist greatly increased.

Nowadays, it is among the most prestigious district of Istanbul as both business centers and living spaces.

Ataşehir, which has a population of more than 400,000 as of 2021, has a large number of important shopping centers such as Carrefour, Optimum, Palladium, Brandium, Novada, as well as important sports complexes such as Ülker Sports Arena.

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