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Maslak retains the property of being one of the oldest districts of Istanbul. For this reason, those who come to Istanbul for business and leisure are still going to Maslak. In addition, Maslak has the distinction of being the main center of the financial sector. Recently, the trend has started to be a neighborhood where restaurants and event venues are often seen. The most correct method of traveling by saving time in Maslak and its surroundings is to travel by special vehicle. In this direction, Istanbul Maslak car rental service has quite a lot of traffic. RentiCar offers the best service with ample vehicle facilities.

Information about Istanbul Maslak

Maslak, which is one of the most vibrant areas of Istanbul business life as well as very close to other business areas in the city, literally means that you are intertwined with roads, cars and skyscrapers during the day. Recently, it has become the preferred destination for those who want to go to work in a short time. Let's talk about what those who go to Maslak can do in Maslak and its immediate surroundings.


Maslak Atatürk Auto Industry combines art, architecture, fashion and food with high ceilings loft-style brick, concrete, metal and glass materials created by Enis and Amir. Here you can eat delicious dishes from each other, enjoy a wide variety of appetizers.

Address: Atatürk Auto Industry Site Part 2, 10th Street No:313 Maslak/ 02122863857

Orijin Plaza, Gram Bakery

In the space opened with the philosophy of 'always fresh and season', delicious snacks and those that come out of the oven are displayed on the counter at the entrance to the space. Sitting in the spacious section of the open kitchen and tables, you can watch the work of the chefs who prepare the exquisite tastes that come out of the kitchen.

Orijin Plaza, Good Morning

The popular restaurant, which started the meat restaurant furya, which has become quite common in Istanbul in recent years, has also opened a venue in Orijin Plaza. Those who can not settle for salads and those who prefer protein-heavy nutrition are happy to have access to the delicious meats of the restaurant between lunch and lunch. Like the style of Etiler, here it dominates the elegance of a fine dining restaurant rather than meat restaurant.

Address: Eşk Büyükdere Cad.

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