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Fatih, which has the distinction of being the central district of Istanbul, is also known as the historical peninsula. It is surrounded by Zeytinburnu from the southwest, Eyüpsultan counties from the northwest; the Haliç from the north, the Bosphorus of Istanbul to the east and the Marmara Sea to the south. Istanbul Fatih is one of the districts where car rental needs are highest. The best method for both business and travel arrivals to reach nearby counties easily and comfortably is to rent a car. RentiCar ensures customer satisfaction with hygienic and next-generation vehicle options.

Information about Istanbul Fatih

Fatih is one of the oldest places in Istanbul. Fatih district, where there are historical and tourist structures, opens its doors to numerous tourists in the year. We have compiled a list for those wondering about their places to visit.

Fatih Mosque

Fatih Mosque, which is in the first place in the list of places to visit in Fatih, was built as a Complex. The calligraphy of the mosque belongs to Yahya Sofi and his son Ali Bin Sofi. After conquering Istanbul, Fatih Sultan Mehmet built the Fatih Mosque on one of the hills of the city.

Khirka-i Sharif Mosque

The cardigan displayed in the mosque was gifted to His Majesty Veysel Karani by His Hazrat Mohammed. The visit to the Cardigan-i Sharif begins after noon prayers and ends before the evening prayer, with the afternoon congregation ending the visit.

Vefa Bozacı

The space, which has been in service since 1876, continues to be operated by the descendants of its founder, Hacı Sadık Bey. Don't leave here without tasting its boya, which never compromises its flavor.

Şekerci Khan

Şekerci Khan, where many important personalities pass, is remembered especially with Neyzen Tevfik. The center of knowledge and lore of Fatih district is the famous Şekerci Khan, which hides many mysterious stories in its bosom.

Bozdoğan Belt

Another name is the Valens Aqueduct, built in past years to supply water to the Sarajburnu. It was built by Emperor Valens, and he himself lost his life during the war. Until 1912, it was used to eliminate the water requirement of the palace.

If you fall on your way to Fatih district, you can face countless historical structures every step of your way. We recommend that you explore these places where history lies.

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