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Fulya is a district in the district of Şişli, located on the European side of Istanbul. Istanbul Fulya, which is considered almost the center of Istanbul, is also a mostly preferred region when it comes to car rental. Located at this point, Renticar works with the concept of quality service to bring you to the most comfortable and reliable way to visit the city's attractions. Choose Renticar, and discover the beauty of the city with RentiCar by renting the car that best suits your budget.

What are the

Places to Visit in Istanbul Fulya?

Fulya is a district located in the very center of Sisli. Nowadays, Şişli district is one of the most populous districts of Istanbul. The Sisli - Fulya region, where there are mostly luxury hotels, is often a place preferred by tourists. There are many places to visit on the Fulya side, which is within walking distance to Mecidiyeköy's square. The most popular of them is Şişli Cevahir Shopping Center. Sisli Cevahir Shopping Center, which is a popular place of the people of Istanbul, is quite large compared to a shopping mall, and near Fulya there is also Trump Shopping Center, which is very popular in Istanbul.
There are also many areas in the surrounding area where you can eat and drink coffee.

Şişli Fulya district is known for being close to places to visit and see because it is in a position to be considered the center of Istanbul. Fulya, whose transport network is quite wide, has become common with the many hotels it has in common with local and foreigners who want to visit various places of Istanbul.

Istanbul Fulya Car Rental Options

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