Istanbul Yenibosna Rent a Car

Istanbul Yenibosna is one of the regions where car rental services are most preferred. The main reason for this is that it is located in Bahçelievler district and is the main region where all transport lines in the western part of Istanbul intersect. In Istanbul, where tourist and business trips are frequent, Renticar offers you the best and highest quality car rental options to travel to Istanbul comfortably.

Where to Visit in Istanbul Yenibosna?

Yenibosna, located on the European side of Istanbul, is one of the well-established districts of Istanbul, which is connected to Bahçelievler district. After 1990, it showed an intensive population growth and grew unplanned. Apart from these, it is the main point where all transport lines in the west of Istanbul intersect. The district, formerly connected to Bakırköy, was then connected to Bahçelievler due to the population growth it lived with intensive migration.

Considering places to visit; Atrium Shopping Center, Hilton Mall, Yunus Emre Cultural Center, Ataköy Shopping Center, there are many options for spending time indoors such as Atrium Shopping Center. Yenibosna is also one of the popular regions of Istanbul as a commercial and business center. Business people who want to spend their business trips more comfortable and enjoyable can create comfort zones by saving time with rental vehicles suitable for them.

There are a lot of bazaars, shopping centers in Yenibosna. Alternatives are also rich in food, rest and accommodation. Apart from this, you can also visit the popular areas that are very close to Yenibosna with the car you rent. Topkapi Panorama Museum and Mecidiye Mosque de Yenibosna are located nearby. Kaiser Willhelm Fountain, Marmara Forum and Istanbul Walls are also in close proximity. You can visit Istanbul Air Force Museum and then get fresh air on the beach.

What Are Istanbul Yenibosna Car Rental Options?

Istanbul is an extremely large, crowded city with heavy traffic. For this reason, the most comfortable method for people who do not have their own vehicle is to rent a car. RentiCar attaches great importance to customer satisfaction in this regard. All you have to do is rent the car that fits your budget and you need after visiting our website and entering the location and date information.

İstanbul Frequantly Asked Questions About Car Rental