Istanbul Kartal Rent a Car

RentiCar offers you car rental options suitable for your budget in Istanbul Kartal as well as everywhere in Turkey. With RentiCar, you can make car rental service from Kartal in a few clicks, you can easily pick up your car from our business partners located in central locations and continue your trip without intermitting.

Information About Istanbul Kartal

Kartal is one of the districts of Istanbul located on the Anatolian side and has a coast to the Sea of Marmara. Located on the coastline between Pendik and Maltepe in the west of Maltepe and in the north, Sultanbeyli was separated from Kartal in 1992 and is now known as separate boroughs. The Eagle, whose history dates back to the 6th century, was a fishing village and shelter called Kartalimen during the Byzantine period. The name of Aydos forests and hills in Kartal in Byzantine period is Aetos, which means “Eagle” in Greek and gets its name from here.

Places to Visit in Istanbul Kartal

The most beautiful place in Kartal is the Aydos Forest, located in the north of the district, where you will be with nature in the city. You can hike in the Aydos Forest, climb the Aydos Hill, see the most beautiful colors of green, visit the pond located here. One of the places where you meet nature, such as the Aydos Forest, is Dragos Hill. Dragos Hill is a natural site with an altitude of 107 meters. This is one of the most beautiful landscapes of the region where you will watch the azure sea and green and blue merge. Eagle Coast is also one of the indispensable places of those who live here as it has been restored.

Kartal Meydan, on the other hand, is the place where there are the most crowds, restaurants, cafes, conference halls, entertainment and shopping centers, theaters and cinemas. Kartal Municipality Fairy Tale Museum and Can Geyran Sea Shells Museum opened by Kemal Geyran are also important buildings to visit.

How to get to Istanbul Kartal?

Kartal is among the easiest to get to the district of Istanbul. Coastal road, Marmaray, minibus street, metro and E-5 are among the routes where you can transport to Kartal.

Eagle is one of the easiest points to get to the Islands. Sea buses can also be traveled to Yalova. Convenient transportation can also be provided by taxi or private vehicles. With your rented car with RentiCar, you can provide comfortable transportation anywhere from Kartal with quality service.

Istanbul Kartal Car Rental Options

Renting a car is a great advantage to be able to visit the busiest places of Istanbul, to explore its unexplored places, to get our jobs done without having to deal with public transport. You can also benefit from our “delivery to address” feature located in Istanbul Kartal.

You can have an easy car rental experience with the extra privileges that RentiCar offers you when it comes to car rental.

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