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Istanbul Silivri is located in Marmara region, 67 km west of Istanbul provincial center, on the D-100 highway. Silivri, located on important trade routes as well as having a natural port, has been an important region throughout history. Due to the distance from the central points of Istanbul, there are many car rental options in Istanbul Silivri. RentiCar offers the opportunity to rent a car in Istanbul so that you can travel anywhere comfortably.

Information about İstanbul Silivri

Silivri, known as Selymbria or Selybria in ancient times, was home to Thrace, Megarians, Persians, Spartans, Macedonians, Romans, Byzantines, Huns and Ottomans.

Silivri is a beautiful port city but is described by the people as the farthest district of Istanbul to Istanbul. Silivri, the address of weekend getaways, is also suitable for day trips, as well as being preferred for holidays. Silivri has many areas where you can relax and have fun, but it also has a 45 km coastline where you can take long walks and enjoy nature. On this coastline with lots of greenery, there are souvenir shops, tea gardens that allow pleasant conversations with friends, dining areas where pancakes are made that attract you with their smell.

It is also possible to swim along this coastline, and the beaches where you can enter for free are generally preferred for swimming activity in the summer. You can come to this immaculate coastline by renting car via Renticar and enjoy your vacation. The entire coastal band is usually arranged closed to vehicle traffic except for the symbolic train preferred by tourists.

The first point of choice for history lovers in Silivri is definitely Silivri Castle. The castle, which was first built by Trigler, was restored by Byzantines and used as an outpost of Istanbul for a long time. After the Byzantine Emperor built an imposing palace in 357 where the castle is now located, the emperor named this palace Selymbria. It is estimated that the present name of Silivri also comes from here.

Apart from these places, Fatih Mosque, Alexious Apokaukos Church and Cistern, Sadrazam Piri Mehmet Pasha Complex Madrasa and more are places for history lovers to visit.

Istanbul Silivri Car Rental Options with RentiCar

Istanbul is an extremely large, crowded city with heavy traffic. For this reason, the most comfortable method for people who do not have their own vehicle is to rent a car. RentiCar attaches great importance to customer satisfaction in this regard. Once you enter the location and date information, you can immediately rent the car that suits your budget and you need.

How much is a Car Rental in Istanbul Silivri with RentiCar?

If you want to travel in Istanbul, renting a car will be the most comfortable option for you. By logging into our website, you can determine the most suitable and most comfortable tool for your budget. Quality and reasonable price are always in RentiCar.

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