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The Taksim region, formerly called Pera, was home to many different civilizations, it was rented as a colony to the Genoese in the years after the conquest of Istanbul. During this period, it was seen as a separate settlement from Istanbul.

This cultural wealth makes itself felt all over Taksim. Taksim, where you will see a trail of different culture in each street and in each building, is the backbone of Istanbul tourism.

There are many locations to explore in Taksim. With Taksim car rental service, you can freely travel between these locations and not worry about the distance will increase your holiday comfort.

Getting to Taksim from the airport can be challenging when you arrive in Istanbul as a tourist. Istanbul car rental service will allow you to go to your location by renting a car at Istanbul Airport or a car rental in Sabiha Gokcen.

Why Choose RentiCar When Renting a Car in Taksim?

Looking for public transport and taxi in the distance between locations you want to go can be challenging. With Taksim car rental, you can reach the points you can visit without worrying about the distance.

Guests who wish to take advantage of Taksim car rental service will enjoy their journey with RentiCar comfort and guarantee.

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Why is Taksim Car Rental Advantageous with RentiCar

As car rental is popular in locations like Taksim, there are a lot of companies doing this business. Choosing a company that has a corporate identity among these companies and guarantees reliability will minimalize all the negatives you may experience during your trip.

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Places to Visit and See in Taksim

Taksim is located in Beyoğlu district of Istanbul. It is an important tourist and commercial district known for its vibrant atmosphere and numerous shops, restaurants and hotels. Located in the heart of the district, Taksim Square has many shops, restaurants, cafes, bars, nightclubs.

Due to this vitality, Car rental is a frequently preferred service in Taksim location. Many guests prefer Taksim rent a car service due to its vibrant nightlife and cultural richness.

We have compiled for you the places you can visit and see when you visit Taksim:

Flower Passage

Flower passage, which takes this name because it is full of flower shops, was built by Sadrasam Sait Pasha in 1905.

When you continue to walk along Istiklal Street in Taksim, you can reach Flower Passage.

Saint Antoine Church

Walking on the street, when you walk through a door that is not very large, you will encounter a door that does not attract much attention but has a huge historical beauty in it.

Saint Antoine Church, which will make you feel in the European city with its Gothic architecture, can fascinate you with its white embroidery on the red walls. Rental car you can visit with Taksim service.

Galata Tower

Car rental If you have taken advantage of the Taksim service, you should definitely visit Galata. Built in masonry rubble and stone mesh system, Galata Tower is the most popular tourist structure of Taksim. The tower, which is the subject of legends and rites, II. It was built in the Mahmut period.

As it adorns the city with its gigantic image, it also provides an opportunity to climbing to its terrace and look at the city through its eyes. Taksim is a building that has become a symbol of Istanbul, which must be traveled with car rental service.

Galata Mavlevihanesi

This Mevlevihane, which bears the traces of many Mevlevi, welcomes its visitors today as the Museum of Divan Literature.

Built in 1491, this building also presents a Sema Rite show at 17.00 on Sundays. A must-see tourist spot with Taksim rent a car service for guests who want to breathe the mystical air of Istanbul.

Crimean Church

The Crimean Church's 150 years of history and spiky cones architecture can make you feel in a European city. The reason for the choice for guests who want to breathe the European atmosphere in Istanbul.

How to Rental a Taksim Car

Car rental is a popular service in tourist areas such as Taksim.

You will have a pleasant time with Taksim car rental service and you will not worry about road distances throughout the trip.

So how to get a Taksim car rental service?

RentiCar aims to provide you with comfort at all stages of your car rental process. Therefore, Taksim offers two different alternatives for your rent a car service. If you wish, you can rent through the website or by phone.

Taksim Car Rental Prices

Taksim car rental prices vary depending on the characteristics of the car you want to rent. Another factor affecting pricing is the date you intend to rent a Taksim car.

Rentals you want to make on special occasions where travel can be intense, such as weekends and national holidays, will vary for rental car Taksim prices.

RentiCar, which has adopted the idea of providing comfort to you throughout the car rental process, provides maximum price-performance in all your rental car Taksim processes.

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