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The district of Istanbul, Turkey, is neighboring Bakırköy from the south, Küçükççmece from the west, Bağcılar from the north and Güngören from the east. Istanbul Bahçelievler, which is close to the busiest places of Istanbul in terms of business, has the distinction of being a district where car rental demands are increasing. Rent a vehicle for your needs and make safe journeys with RentiCar.

Information About İstanbul Bahçelievler

The district, located on the European side of Istanbul, was separated from Bakırköy in 1992 and became a district. The population of Bahçelievler has increased very rapidly since the 1960s. Bahçelievler was an agricultural area in Byzantine and Ottoman periods, while nowadays it does not have this feature. On the other hand, industrial facilities have begun to increase here. Industrial facilities serving Turkey and the world market constitute the basic economic structure of the district. The trade and service sector has also increased at that rate. In addition, there are places worth visiting in the district, which has historical and cultural riches.

Pool Kiosk (Siyavuşpaşa Kasrı)

The palace, located within the National Sovereignty Park, is currently used as a children's library.

Viran Saray (Viran Bosnia)

Only the remains of the palace, which belongs to the Ottoman era and cannot remain intact until today, are found. When the attack was eventually devastated, it was named after Viran.

Fork Picnic Area

It is possible to have a picnic in this environment where natural beauty is good for the outgoing. The number of oak, hornbeam and beech trees in the area is quite large. There are also enterprises in the field.

Çobancesme Bridge

Bahçelievler is mainly composed of picnic areas and historical places in the list of places to visit. Çobançeşme Bridge is also one of such places. The bridge consists of 6 arches 38 meters long. You should definitely visit this bridge, which is among the historical buildings to be seen in the district.

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