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Kadıköy is located on the Anatolian side in the province of Istanbul. The historical core that forms the beginning of settlement in Kadıköy is located in the area formed by Haydarpaşa Station and Cape Moda.

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Places to Visit in Istanbul Kadikoy

Built in 1908, Haydarpaşa Station is undoubtedly one of the landmarks of Kadıköy and Istanbul. Although repeatedly damaged, the structure, which managed to stand up against the Bosphorus, is at the top of the must-see places.

Kadikoy Bazaar, which we can describe as Beyoğlu in Anatolia, is one of the most special places you need to visit both to shop and to observe the dynamics of the district. Here you can come across a shop about everything you can think of, from fisherman to antiquarian, Fenerbahçe Lighthouse made during the legal period, has the distinction of being the first lantern built in Ottoman times. You can visit Cape Fenerbahçe to see the lighthouse.

Bahariye Street, which takes you towards Moda, is one of the busiest places of the district with its tram passing through it, being closed to vehicle traffic and many cafes and restaurants. While arriving in Kadıköy, you can visit Barış Manço House, which serves as a museum today. Historical Fashion Pier, which continues to serve as a cafe today, is one of the most special structures of the district. The pier was built in 1917 and was damaged in the storm of 1937. By 2000, the structure was actually restored. Coming to Kadıköy, you must visit Caddebostan Coast and experience its atmosphere.

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