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Eyüpsultan district, located on the European side of Istanbul city, is the first settlement where Turks began to live outside the fortieth after the conquest of Istanbul. There are many historical monuments dating from the Ottoman Empire in the district. Those who come to see the district, which welcomes tens of thousands of foreign tourists during the year, get the chance to visit the surrounding areas thanks to Istanbul Eyüpsultan car rental service. Customers exploring Istanbul with RentiCar car rental service travel with the convenience of making a safe journey. Come to Rentiar, enjoy the cruises.

Information About Istanbul Eyüpsultan

Eyüpsultan or, formerly known as Eyüp, is a very curious region with its historical history and places. It is in the forefront among the most tourist-welcoming counties of Istanbul province. This place, where all world citizens want to see both houses of worship and historical places, is still trying to preserve its ancient texture. We have ranked their most popular places for you.

Attractions in Eyüpsultan and surrounding areas:

Eyüp Sultan Mosque

There are many mosques in the vicinity of Eyüpsultan. Eyüp Sultan Mosque is the first mosque built after Fatih's conquest of Istanbul. In the Ottoman period, it also has an important place because of the mosque where the sultans were wielded with swords. With its magnificent gate and high dome, Eyüp Sultan admires everyone who sees it.

Cluss Road

Cluss is the name given to the ceremony held during the Ottoman Empire when the sultan ascended the throne. This name is given to the stony road between Eyüp Coast and Eyüp Sultan Mosque, surrounded by shrines, cemeteries and Complexes on all sides. The reason for the name of Cülus to this street is that the shahzadees who came to Eyüp by kayak, crossed this road to Eyüp Sultan Mosque and then crossed the throne here with swords.

Zal Mahmut Pasha Mosque and Complexes

The Zal Mahmut Pasha Mosque and Complex, which you will see when you come to Eyüpsultan from the direction of Eminönü, has as remarkable architecture as the Eyüp Sultan Mosque. The mosque built by Mimar Sinan in 1570 still retains its beauty that will be engraved in the minds of the outgoing. In addition, Evlya Çelebi said that this mosque is “one of the most beautiful mosques in Istanbul”.

Pierre Loti Hill

It is one of the most curious places of domestic and foreign tourists from the 18th century to the present day. Pierre Loti Hill, where the estuary looks most beautiful, is named after the famous French writer Pierre Loti, who lives in Istanbul. You can climbing the hill by car, cable car or radiating. In addition to Historical Coffee, Aziyade Restaurant, Green Cafe and Hookah House, there are 67 rooms consisting of 7 separate mansions and Turquhouse Hotel with a capacity of 115 beds.

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