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Arnavutkoy Rent a Car

Arnavutkoy Rent a Car

Istanbul Arnavutkoy Rent a Car

Istanbul Arnavutköy, one of the most fascinating settlements of the Bosphorus line between Kuruchesme and Baby, has become one of the most popular places of social life of the city especially in recent years. Located in Arnavutköy, one of the tourist attractions in Istanbul, RentiCar offers you the best and highest quality Istanbul Arnavutköy car rental options so that you can comfortably visit this unique region with Bosphorus views.

Where to Visit in Istanbul Arnavutköy?

Arnavutköy, located in Beşiktaş district of Istanbul, is located between Kuruçeşme and Bebek. Arnavutköy, known as its history dates back to quite a bit, has its expansion from the coast to the hills; It also includes historical structures such as Cape of Current, Tevfikiye Mosque and Aya Strati Taksiarhi. Apart from the structures that fascinate with these historical beauties; Arnavutköy also attracts attention with its glamorous manes and gardens.

Akınti Burnu, which takes its name from the Black Sea towards the Marmara Sea and is continuously occurring surface currents, is located in the coastal part of Arnavutköy. This area, which is seen as a settlement of ancient Greeks from its history, is also known as Mega Revma among the Greek people. There are many cafes and fishermen if you want to relax and are hungry in Cape Stream, which offers you fishing along the coast.

Another historical beauty located on the coastal road of Arnavutköy is the Tevfikiye Mosque. Located right next to the historical police station, this mosque is known to date from the Ottoman era. This historical place, also known as Arnavutköy Mosque and Cape of Akınti Mosque, was built in 1832 by Sultan Mahmud 2nd on behalf of his son Şehzade Tevfik and opened for worship in 1838. The mosque, whose spacious courtyard dominates the strait, has a minaret of only honor.

Another place that history lovers will definitely want to see is Arnavutköy Aya Strati Taksiarhi Greek Orthodox Church. Built in the early 1st century, the Aya Strati Taksiarhi Greek Orthodox Church is located opposite the Arnavutköy Quarter Muhtarism. The church, which draws attention with the tomb belonging to the Patriarchs of Istanbul in its garden, also has the family grave of Konstantinos Mousouros Pasha, a statesman of Greek origin who took many positions in the Ottoman Empire.

What Are Istanbul Arnavutköy Car Rental Options?

Istanbul is an extremely large, crowded city with heavy traffic. For this reason, the most comfortable method for people who do not have their own vehicle is to rent a car. RentiCar attaches great importance to customer satisfaction in this regard. All you have to do is reach out to us through our website. Once you enter the location and date information, you can immediately rent the car that suits your budget and you need.

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How to rent a car in Istanbul Arnavutköy?

You can easily make your car rental transactions in Istanbul Arnavutköy and enjoy your journey by selecting the appropriate date zone and features for you through our page about Istanbul Arnavutköy.

What is the price of a car rental in Istanbul Arnavutköy?

Car rental prices in Istanbul Arnavutköy vary depending on many factors such as the model of your chosen vehicle, fuel type, age. You can select any filters on our page and access the list of tools that suit you.