Istanbul Beyoglu

Istanbul Beyoglu Rent a Car

It is one of the districts of Istanbul located on the European side. Istanbul Beyoğlu is a district where car rental is made the most and the circulation is very intense. Formerly Pera is now limited to Beyoğlu, Sisli and Kağıthane in the northwest, Beşiktaş and Istanbul Bosphorus in the east, and the Haliç in the south and west, the area of the district is 8.76 km² and consists of 45 neighborhoods. Due to its business, entertainment and cultural center, the day and night population within the borders of this district is several million. There are many important institutions and spaces within the borders of Beyoğlu district. Beyoğlu is one of the most vibrant and popular districts of Istanbul, with large hotels, theaters, cinemas, schools, consulates, foreign cultural centers, art galleries. Rent your car from RentiCar, do not delay exploring Beyoğlu and its surroundings.

Places to Visit in Istanbul Beyoglu

Today, the district known as Beyoğlu was previously called “Pera”. If we say the place where Istanbul's pulse pulses, we don't think it's exaggerated. Every street has a separate art in each structure of another story.

We have listed for you the main places that you should not leave without seeing when you go:

1st Galata Tower

Galata Tower, which managed to attract attention with its legends and architectural structure, has become an icon of Istanbul. It offers the opportunity to see the most beautiful views of Istanbul. Queues are formed in front of the tower, which is visited by countless tourists every day. A good time is spent listening to street artists while waiting.

2nd Istiklâl Street

Taksim, Beyoğlu is one of the most popular destinations in Istanbul province. Taksim Square combines both trade and entertainment and shopping in the same region. If you are going to Taksim for the first time, you should definitely take the nostalgic tram that goes down to Tunel. Nostalgic tram; Starting from Istiklal Street and proceeds down the main street connecting Taksim, Beyoğlu and Tunnel square. This street will make you feel like you're in a dream. Don't turn around without seeing it.

3rd Flower Passage

The Flower Passage, located on Istiklâl Street, was reconstructed in the Greek Cleanthy Zanno architecture as a new type bazaar building called Cite de Pera after the fire in 1870, while the Naum Theatre until 1870. Among the most interesting structures located on the borders of Beyoğlu, you can taste traditional dishes of Ottoman cuisine in the restaurants located in it.

Istanbul Beyoğlu Car Rental Options

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