Istanbul Merter Rent a Car

Located on the European side of Istanbul, Merter is a district in Bahçelievler district. Located almost in the center of Istanbul, Istanbul Merter is also a mostly preferred region for car rental. Located at this point, Renticar works with the concept of quality service to bring you to the most comfortable and reliable way to visit the city's attractions. By choosing Renticar, you can rent the best car for your budget and travel to any places you want with ease.

What are the Places to Visit in Istanbul Merter?

Merter is a district between Bahçelievler and Güngören in Istanbul. Zeytinburnu is located in the south, Güngören in the north, Topkapi to the east and Bahçelievler to the west. Known as the paradise of textiles. Since it is located in a central point of Istanbul, the transport network is very wide and the annex building of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality is also located in Merter.

Looking near Merter, there are many shopping malls around it. Marmara Forum Mall, Olivium Outlet Center, Merter Mall and more.

Apart from this, Zeytinburnu is very close to the beach, and the residents of Merter usually use this beach a lot.

Located about 10 minutes from the center of Merter, Panorama 1453 Historical Museum is also a place that every Istanbul knows. In this museum, the conquest of Istanbul is panoramically illustrated in a large area.

Istanbul Merter Car Rental Options

With its car rental service, RentiCar is among the most preferred car rental companies, giving confidence to their customers and always keeping their satisfaction at the forefront. At Merter, RentiCar is with you. With a wide selection of tools, you will be able to find any kind of tools you are looking for in RentiCar.

Visit Renticar.com and select the desired date range. The vehicle you want will be waiting for you at the location you have determined within the desired date range. In addition, RentiCar continues to offer you installments for up to 12 months. Choose RentiCar for a comfortable and reliable trip.

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