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Kavacık is a district in the District of Beykoz, Istanbul Province, Turkey. Due to its location near the Istanbul Bosphorus, the entrance to the Asian continent can also be considered, and the connection of the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge directly to Beykoz also proves this. For this reason, those who want to take care of their business on the Asian continent or those who want to visit the Anatolian side of Istanbul prefer Istanbul Kavacık car rental options.

Information about İstanbul Kavacık

Kavacık district, which is connected to Beykoz district of Istanbul, has become one of the most important business and trade centers of Beykoz district even Anatolian side today. Looking at the history, we see that it is a district that began to develop after the construction of the Fatih Sultan Mehmet bridge, and we know that it was wooded land before development. The district, which has a population of about 25 thousand, has become a luxury neighborhood today. This may also be due to its proximity to the Istanbul Strait. Istanbulans often dream houses with views of the Bosphorus, and there are plenty of these houses in Kavacık.

When looking at places to visit in Kavacık, the first place that comes to mind is Otağtepe. This destination, which sets the Bosphorus of Istanbul before your eyes, is known as the place where Fatih Sultan Mehmet made preparations when he will conquer Istanbul in the past. Otağtepe Park is the former name of this place while today its name has been changed to Fatih Korusu Vehbi Koç Nature Cultural Center. Since it is a space that receives the sun directly, it is usually preferred to visit during periods when the sun will set.

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