Istanbul Gokturk

Istanbul Göktürk Rent a Car

İstanbul Göktürk, located in the district of Eyüp sultan, Istanbul has always been a curious and visited place because it is neighbouring Kemerburgaz, its pond in the north and surrounded by Belgrade Forest. Due to the distance from the center and the shortage of transportation, Istanbul Göktürk has always been a region in demand in terms of car rental. RentiCar offers you services in Istanbul Göktürk with the most affordable and highest quality car rental options. You can rent the most convenient car from Renticari right away and enjoy your trip.

Where to Visit in Istanbul Göktürk?

Göktürk Pond, where green and blue meet Göktürk, which has become the icon of Göktürk, is very suitable to be your first trip point. There are also walking areas in Göktürk Pond, which is a point where those who want to get away from city life with its surroundings covered with forest and immaculate air. You can visit Göktürk Pond and enjoy a walk in the immaculate air and also witness the beautiful nature views.

We mentioned that Göktürk is surrounded by the Belgrade Forest. Belgrade Forest, the most popular forest of Istanbul, is the number one sightseeing destination for those who want to get to nature. The Belgrade Forest, the first choice for weekend picnics and breakfasts, also has hiking trails as well as in Göktürk Pond.

Although we will look around Göktürk a little bit, there is Kemerburgaz Kent Forest, which you can reach comfortably with the car you rent through RentiCar. Barbecue is strictly forbidden in this urban forest, where there are many shops with green architecture. However, parking spaces are also available for you to park your car. For families with children, there are also areas where children can have fun. Zipling, intertree ropes, tree-walking, amusement park, ice rink and more...

What Are Istanbul Göktürk Car Rental Options?

Istanbul is an extremely large, crowded city with heavy traffic. For this reason, the most comfortable method for people who do not have their own vehicle is to rent a car. RentiCar attaches great importance to customer satisfaction in this regard. All you need to do is immediately rent the car that fits your budget and you need once you enter the location and date information.

Frequently Asked Questions About İstanbul Göktürk Car Rental